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PARADISEC is seeking donations to support its work of locating analog tape collections and digitising them. Donations in Australia are tax-deductible. Please see our webpage for more information: http://www.paradisec.org.au/support-us/ .
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vé số kiên giang

Who runs this site?

PARADISEC has been developed since 2003 by a consortium of Australian researchers from the University of Sydney, the University of Melbourne and the Australian National University.

See the PARADISEC website for further details.

What system runs this site?

Nabu is a media management system that provides a catalog of items, metadata for these items, and information about the workflow status of the items. It also provides access, where possible, to those items.

'Nabu' is a word in the South Efate language for 'road', as a connector of various locations.

PARADISEC developed the Open Source system 'Nabu' in 2012 with funding from the Australian Research Council LIEF (Linkage Infrastructure Equipment and Facilities) scheme (LE11000142).

The source code can be found on GitHub.


Depositor Tote Tepano (Rapanui) collecting some CDs from Amanda at PARADISEC in 2004.

What material does this collection contain?

PARADISEC (Pacific And Regional Archive for DIgital Sources in Endangered Cultures) curates digital material about small or endangered languages.

The catalog entry for an item is usually written by the depositor, and some are more detailed than others. In the case of collections that we have digitised from deceased researchers, we do the best we can to describe the records, but often there is little information available. By placing these items in the collection we hope that other researchers will enrich the descriptions as they use the material. We believe the rights in the material presented in this collection have been cleared by the depositors. Please let us know if you think that is not the case for any particular item.

What can I do on this site?

You can search by collections or by items.

If you would like to deposit material in this collection, you will need to sign up.

Please refer to the PARADISEC depositor's page for more information.

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